Boardman to Hemingway:
A clean-energy pipeline

Boardman to Hemingway or B2H is a proposed transmission line that will run from eastern Oregon to southwestern Idaho carrying clean, reliable, affordable power between the regions.

This video describes the need for B2H.

B2H is a solution for growth

  • Population growth in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West will increase demand for energy
  • Existing transmission lines between these regions can’t carry enough energy to meet this demand
  • Without new projects like B2H, these regions will be at risk of energy shortages and increased electricity prices

Who will benefit?

This video describes how B2H will benefit eastern Oregon.

A cleaner, more reliable future for people across the Northwest

  • Clean electricity - With B2H, people in the Northwest can use clean electricity generated in other parts of the region
  • Affordable electricity - B2H is the most cost-effective way to meet customer demand. This means people’s electricity rates won’t increase to build expensive power plants
  • Reliable electricity - Having additional transmission lines helps prevent blackouts

Powering possibilities for communities and businesses in eastern Oregon

  • Jobs and economic development opportunities - B2H will make room for more electricity on local power lines to support new power-intensive businesses like data centers and food processing plants. B2H will also bring construction jobs and spending to the region
  • Increased tax revenue - The project owners will pay property tax to the Oregon counties the line crosses

Construction on the horizon

Idaho Power expects to finalize B2H permitting in 2022. Construction is expected to begin in 2023 and take three to four years. The line is planned to be in-service in 2026 or later. Learn more about Design and Construction.