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Proposed Route

Proposed Route
Thumbnail overview of proposed route map.

        Idaho Power’s
        Proposed Route

Idaho Power submitted the eastern route alternative as the proposed route in its revised applications to the state and federal agencies. The eastern route alternative was one of three route alternatives developed through the Community Advisory Process (CAP) and reviewed by CAP participants in March 2010.

Following the CAP route selection, Idaho Power:

  • Submitted revised right of way and special use permit applications (SF-299) to BLM and USFS, respectively. Idaho Power submitted its revised SF-299 applications to BLM and USFS in June 2010, which restarted the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process.
  • Submitted the Notice of Intent to ODOE. Idaho Power submitted its revised Notice of Intent to ODOE in July 2010.
  • Submitted any additional permit applications as necessary.

Idaho Power appreciates the time, effort and thought CAP participants contributed throughout this process.

Learn more about the project's progress by visiting the Project History page and by viewing the latest maps.

Review of Route Alternatives (March 2010)
Thumbnail overview of route alternatives map.

    Idaho Power’s three
    route alternatives

In March 2010, Idaho Power presented three route alternatives to the Project Advisory Teams (PATs) and requested PAT feedback. Idaho Power analyzed the comments it received and used the feedback to help determine which of the three route alternatives to submit as its proposed route for the state and federal environmental review processes.

Comments received by March 25, 2010 are included in the final meeting summaries on the North, Central and South PAT pages.

Comparison of the Route Alternatives

Throughout the Community Advisory Process (CAP), Idaho Power has worked with the PATs to identify community criteria, develop a range of possible routes and recommend proposed routes.

Idaho Power’s three route alternatives were developed based on the PAT members’ recommended routes.

The table below compares the three route alternatives.

Factors   Western Route   Central Route   Eastern Route
Length/Counties   275/5   282/6   299/6
Private Land   138 Miles (50%)   172 Miles (61%)   206 Miles (69%)
Public Land   137 Miles (50%)   110 Miles (39%)   93 Miles (31%)
Follows Existing
  46 Miles   58 Miles   111 Miles
New Corridor   229 Miles   224 Miles   188 Miles
  10 Miles   9 Miles   22 Miles
Forest Clearing   1,754 acres   1,763 acres   681 acres
Rugged Terrain
(>25% slopes)
  59 Miles   56 Miles   35 Miles
Special Status Streams   46 Crossings   13 Crossings   8 Crossings
FS/BLM Visual
  9.1 Miles   25.5 Miles   8.6 Miles
John Day Valley   Crosses   Avoids   Avoids
West Side Baker
  Avoids   Crosses   Avoids
Oregon Trail
  Avoids   Avoids   Nearby
National Forests   Malheur and
Umatilla (45
miles) New
Whitman (30
miles) New
Whitman but in a
designated utility
corridor (5 miles)
  117.1 miles   94.8 miles   61.7 miles

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